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GWT Blog

Find out more information on the Google Web Toolkit

I have used the GWT for production applications for over 2 years with great success.  If you have want to quickly buid web enabled applications this is the toolkit to try.

Some of the popular and interesting links:

GWT Hosting.  
Options for GWT hosting.  You don't need a Tomcat instance to use GWT on the backend, but it will enable you to make much more powerful sites. 

Eight Queens, GWT Style.
This Blog entry discusses my GWT project that I created to take the Java code to calculate the Eight Queens solution and runs the same code in the Tomcat server and your client browser.  GWT compiles the Java into Javascript, and of course the code on Tomcat compiled Java code.  Just for run it tracks the number of MS that your client browser takes to calculate the solution and then it also captures the amount of time that your browser takes.  So far Google Chrome is the leading browser.